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Trudel Creek Culvert

  • Client : Ministère des Transports
  • Location : Ste-Gertrude-de-Manneville
  • Year of achievement : 2020
  • Services : Bridges and culverts


Audet & Knight worked on the reconstruction of the Trudel Creek culvert P-19598 in the Municipality of Ste-Gertrude-de-Manneville; a contract awarded by the Ministère des transports for a total amount of $1,695,000.

This culvert was used as a deviation road during the Villemontel River Bridge work (carried out between 2017 and 2019) and therefore had to be rebuilt.

The construction, which began in February 2020, involved, among other things, the complete demolition of the structure, the installation of a cofferdam for the detour of the watercourse as well as the reconstruction of the foundation units such as the piles, footings and slab. The largest phase of the project was completed in mid-August with the installation of the formwork and the concreting of the gantry-type structure. The work was completed in October.

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