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New sawing line, La Sarre factory

  • Client : Rayonier Advanced Materials
  • Location : La Sarre (Quebec)
  • Year of achievement : 2019
  • Services : Deep foundations


Audet & Knight worked on the foundations of the new sawing line for the RYAM factory (Rayonier Advanced Material) located in La Sarre. It is contributing to the activities of the other factories related to the production of paste, but it is specializing in lumber.

The project started in June of 2019 with the installation of driven piles and turnkey foundations for the new sawing line building. A waterproof membrane of the type « Perminator » was later installed under the foundations. The membrane was used to reduce the humidity and the water steam penetration to help prevent the possibility of mushrooms and mold. It also helped with radon infiltration in the building. Concreate foundations with 10 feet walls were built at the end of the project. The contract ended in December 2019.

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